PowerSmart™ Control System For Faster, Easier & Smarter Automation!

The NEW PowerSmart™ Control System Will Make Life Easier!

PowerSmart™ is a unique and technologically advanced low voltage roller shutter control system with a built-in radio receiver and removable, rechargeable battery. PowerSmart™ is an easier and smarter way to power your roller shutters and other window furnishings with big battery capacity.

» All-in-one 12V control system & battery.

» Built-in radio receiver & rechargeable battery.

» Completely independent of mains power.

» Easy & quick to install.

» No need for electricians!

» Removable & rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

» Recharge LED warning light.

» Easy to recharge just like a mobile phone.

» Stylish design & easy to use controller.

» Remote control options available.

» Compatible with Sensi-Fire™ Wireless.

» 5 Year Guarantee on motor.

» 1 Year Guarantee on battery & controller.

» Designed in Australia.