Protect Your Home And Family With CycloneSafe™ Roller Shutters!
The NEW CycloneSafe Roller Shutters.

» Cyclone rated up to C4 T5.

» Tested by James Cook University.

» Complies with AS/NZS 1170.2 2011 (Cyclone Standard).

» Can be used in all Australian cyclone regions including: Cyclone Region C & D C4 at 1500mm wide.

» Fully extruded strong aluminium alloy shutters.

» Commercial grade double wall extruded profile.

»Suitable for windows & doors up to 2400mm wide.

» Protects windows from flying debris.

» Choice of profile colours.

» Manual or motorised operation with remote control options.

»Compatible with SolarSmart™ & PowerSmart™ Automation.

» Made in Australia.

Protect Your Home And Family From Storm Damage!

With the recent increase in extreme weather and storm conditions across Australia, protection from cyclones and severe storms has become paramount.

Many Australian home owners and businesses are looking for a better solution for storm protection, especially those located on or near the coast and in tropical regions of Australia.

It is for these reasons that CW Products, (Australia’s leading supplier of roller shutters and home automation products) has developed the CycloneSafe™ Roller Shutter.

CycloneSafe™ has a Cyclone Rating up to C4 T5 and its compliance with AS/NZS1170.2 2011 Cyclone Standard means it can be used in all Australian Cyclone Regions including C & D C4 (at a width of 1500mm).

At CW Products we’re committed to helping protect Australian families and their homes!

Scientifically Tested.

The CycloneSafe™ Roller Shutter has been tested by James Cook University at their testing facility and has achieved a Cyclone Rating up to C4 T5 when fully closed.

To simulate extreme wind conditions in the lab, CycloneSafe™ was exposed to Cyclic Loading in accordance with AS4040.3 and a Fatigue Loading Sequence and Design Pressure Test in accordance with AS4055.

CycloneSafe™ has been successful in all its performance testing, and complies with AS/NZS1170.2 2011 Cyclone Standard.

CycloneSafe™ Authentication.

All CycloneSafe™ shutters are fitted with an Authentication Plate with Serial Number to ensure genuine product and product performance that meets Australian Standards.